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Ryman in the News: 5 things you need to see at the Ryman’s new Rock Hall exhibit

Nashville’s iconic Ryman Auditorium – a recently named Rock & Roll Landmark – is flexing its rock chops in a new tour feature in collaborating with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The Tennessean stopped by to visit the exhibit before it opened to the public on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

“From Elvis Presley to the Foo Fighters, a new exhibit inside Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium – AKA the so-called Mother Church – pays tribute to the tabernacle’s long-running rock ‘n’ roll history,” Mathew Leimkuehler wrote for the Tennessean. “Called ‘Rock Hall at the Ryman,’ the attraction opens as part of a long-term collaboration with Ohio-based Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

The Tennessean called out exhibits that feature:

  • Elvis Presley’s (brief) Ryman history
  • Revisiting James Brown’s Ryman debut
  • A gift from Dolly Parton (AKA Nashville’s new Rock Hall of Famer)
  • A slice of famed Foo Fighters attire
  • Today’s hitmakers

You can read the full article here. And you can get tickets to see the Rock Hall at the Ryman (and other star-studded exhibits) here.